Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Trip to Plains, Georgia

This weekend we went to Plains, GA to see my nephew, Cody graduate. We had a wonderful time.
He took us to see Plains High School, which is now a museum. Why don't they build beautiful schools like this any more? This is Jimmy Carter's home town and he still lives there.
This was the principles office.
This was the original auditorium. They played a movie about the school and Jimmy Carter's time there. It was so neat.
This is the side of the theater seats ,all original. The initials stand for Plains High School.
This would have been the class room. Along the hall they have old pictures and details about  time in the class and how they taught.
Levi and Sophia sitting in the old desks with ink wells.
Playing the teacher.
After we left the high school we went over to Carters general store for some peanut butter ice cream.(the best I have ever had)   We got a surprise, Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter were there meeting and greeting people. I snapped this photo of him. He is really down to earth and seemed very kind. He has done so much for this little town. If you are ever in GA I would suggest swingin in here and seeing this little piece of America's history.

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

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