Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Aunt Teresa's Family Room

Today my sister and I went to Aunt Teresa's house. Yesterday was her birthday so we wanted to take her to lunch .... I absolutely love her house so I thought I would get some pictures to share  with everyone.  I will share these over the next couple of days. She collects antiques and does an amazing job of displaying them. I hope you enjoy these pics.

She has a beautiful green on the wall, which I have copied in my living room. She collected mirrors and put throughot the room. It really helps the room to look larger.

She makes these fairy cages, they are gorgeous. I have one in my bedroom. They have little lights in them so when you turn them on they are just so pretty.

This is the wall that ajoins the kitchen.

Well I hope you enjoyed her family room, I know I love it... I will be sharing more of her home soon.
Until Then
Amy Jo

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