Monday, November 25, 2013

Barberville Pioneer Settlement

Last week we went on a field trip to a historic pioneer settlement. This was a high school built in the 1800's.

Here is the little country store.

This lady was teaching us about the Indians and she let us try sofkee. An Indian dish that was pretty much like watery cold grits.

Learning about Pottery.

Making his pinch pot.

The goose.


I love this fence.

Petting the goats.

This is the "ant" brothers.....they wanted me to take their picture because they were all bitten by ants and are now "ant" brothers... children.

This is the old train station.

 An adorable historic church.

Do I see a future preacher?

The slave quarters.

They would have used old newspapers to help insulate the walls. I think it was very smart and resourceful.

Old Quilts.


The simplicity of this apron...blowing in the breeze. I am sure it has many stories to tell of homemaking days gone by.

A quaint little cabin.

Done up in a most homey fashion.

With all of the sweetest and simplest pleasures and comforts of life.

Well that's all folks.... thinks for touring with us...
Amy Jo


  1. Amy, I had to go google where it was...Right here in Volusia County! What a fun field trip. you have a great Thanksgiving!


  2. What a great place! Oh, and the picture of the apron ~ so pretty!

  3. Hi Amy! Absolutely delightful to meet you! Thanks for visiting me at The Writers Reverie. I am enjoying your recent posts - yes - kindred spirits are wee! This field trip looks like so many I enjoyed when my kids were school age - and when I was teaching. We have a few places like this in our South Jersey area and I sometimes speak in such settings as an historical re-enactor. The Spanish Moss reminds me of the four years I spent in Charleston, SC over 20+ years ago. I was there for Hurricane Hugo - when all the Spanish Moss went Gone with the Wind . . .

  4. I had fun" touring" through your pictures! It looks like a fun field trip and a fun group! I was amused at the "ant" brothers! What a memorable picture! :D Swooning over old places - that's my favorite kind of touring, so I thoroughly enjoyed your post!


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