Monday, October 5, 2015

Tammy Doll

Hello There! It has been a long while! 6 Months actually! I have been active over on instagram. I love it and it is so easy to do. But sometimes I miss my little piece of blog world. I still read most everyone's post I just can't comment from my phone. But I'm here.

I don't know how many of you know Tammy. But she is the sweetest thing. LOL. I have 2 Tammy dolls and they are a cute collectible. You know how I love vintage things.

Levi is now in the 7th grade and doing quite well. School time always means a lot of running for me. I'm on the road 3 hours a day driving back and forth to school.

And can you believe it is Fall Y'all? Me neither, summer was a blur of mostly rain every day down here in Florida.

Our septic business has been extremely busy so even though we are tired of rain, it truly has been a blessing!

I'm looking forward to all of the Holidays and times with family and friends. We have a wedding coming up for my nephew! That is going to be so fun! Also Thanksgiving and Christmas. oh it is going to be great! It is good to be back here. I hope some of you are still here! Happy October Friends!

Amy Jo


  1. I love your pictures. Playing with dolls is fun no matter how old we get.

  2. Tammy is cute Amy, love her outfits. I was glad to see you had posted, now I need to get inspired and do the same!

  3. Some beautiful little outfits, what a lovely thing to collect.

  4. How can I not know Tammy? She is adorable! I can't believe your son goes to school so far away, what a dedicated parent you are! How is your adorable daughter??? I love her! Mark your calendars for June 11-12 next year for the Polka Dot flea, we would love you to work again. I won't have a booth, but there is other things to do and they have shorter hours so you girls can shop and spend what you make lol! Carol

  5. Tammy has cute outfits! So adorable! Love photos!

  6. Tammy is beautiful! I love her outfits. Thanks for sharing her journey with us.

  7. Oh my gosh Amy Jo, your Tammy dolls are too cute! Love that pink kitchen!! I see so much vintage lovelies in every photo. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas as well.

  8. Hi Amy Jo. It has been a long time but glad you are keeping busy. I have missed you. I only have one Tami, but if I say she is vintage than that would make me VERY vintage!! Your's is darling as is mine!. Thanks for your visit and hope there will be more. Hope you enjoyed your 4th. I am looking forward to fall, coolness and pretty colors..Happy week to you..xxoJudy

  9. I know I have already commented on your post, Amy Jo, but it didn't hurt me at all to see your cute Tammy doll again. Just wanted to say thanks for your kind words to me. We do feel very blessed..Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy


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