Monday, June 6, 2016

It's Been A While....

 The last time we talked my nephew was about to get married. Which he did and they have been blissfully wed for 7 months! 
And We decided to build a new house and sell this, my childhood home! It wasn't an easy decision but we are now very excited about our new property. It's five acres off of a dirt road in the country.

On March 8th we broke ground! It has been a process. But...
It's coming along nicely... We decided not to put our current house on the market until after we finish building. But this past Friday we got an offer. So we countered and they accepted. Now we are in the process of finishing our house and packing. Busy is an understatement. I just wanted to pop in an update you all. I do hope everyone is well. I just downloaded an app to blog from my phone so now I can blog anywhere! So expect to see me more often! 
Amy Jo

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  1. Wow, that was certainly a great update. What a wonderful chapter of your life to build your own home. now you have the fun with the décor. Hope all goes well with it all.


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