Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sweet Snails

I got a few vintage goodies in the mail box today. One thing is this beautiful vintage Sears blanket. I just love the roses on it. Another was this adorable snail planter. I don't know why snails are so adorable to me. Even real ones. LOL   I'm not sure where I am putting him. But I know I will find a place.

I've had these little snail salt and peppers for a long time. Now it's a snail family of three. My sister is coming over and we are going to hit a few antique stores. My kind of fun! I hope you have a blessed and happy Saturday!

Amy Jo


  1. Amy Jo,
    Such sweet little snails! Love the blanket too. I hope you and Amber have a fabulous day and don't forget to take pics and share your finds here in blog land ;-)
    Love Ya
    Aunt Teresa

  2. Such lovely things to brighten your day!
    I hope you are having fun. : )
    It is snowing like crazy here, so we are snuggling and watching movies. Have a cozy evening!

  3. Good Morning Amy Jo,
    Love your cute snail and how sweet you have a little family of snails now. Have fun junkin today with your sister.

  4. I've always loved snails too! Your new planter is so cute and I love the salt and pepper shakers :)

    I hope you had fun shopping!



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