Monday, February 16, 2015


Happy President's Day!  I have a some very random things to share with you... First is our doorbell button gave up the ghost and we replaced it with a shiny new one... It makes me happy. I know it's the little things.

This is my Valentine Door Wreath. My neighbor made it for me and I added the heart for Valentines.

Levi growing so big.... He's on a skateboard here. But he is right around my height now. So soon he will be taller than me. tear, tear.

The Azalea's are blooming and I just love how pretty they are.

By the road...

Frank got us a new mailbox since someone bent ours. A common problem in the back roads...

My hubby had these delivered to the door Friday. So pretty. And so sweet. He is a very sweet man. We spent Valentines together. We went shopping and to Longhorn for Lunch. And we may have stopped at Sweet Frogs for dessert... but don't tell the kids...

On Saturday I found this at an antique mall for $10.00. I have been wanting a pink cow creamer for a while... so now I can mark that off of my ever changing must have collection list. LOL

 A view of the dining room.... the big bouquet was for Savanah from her husband... a special delivery. Their one year anniversary was yesterday. Time is just going. We have to remember to see the beauty in the small every day things as this is what life is made of.
Blessing and Love to you dear readers.....

Amy Jo


  1. Hello! I'm visiting from Mrs. Smth's and am so glad I stopped by!
    Such a lovely place here.
    I will be back to visit again soon!
    Have a cozy evening. : )

  2. Amy Jo,
    It really is the little things! Goodness how Levi is growing! He has definitely gotten taller since Thanksgiving, you gotta quit feeding that boy fertilizer hehe! Both yours and Savannah's flowers are beautiful!
    Love You Always
    Aunt Teresa

  3. Hi Amy Jo,
    It is the sweet little things that do make us smile. Love your cute door bell. Wow I can remember you planning the wedding so it is hard to believe a whole years has gone by. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Your dining room is so pretty - I love the color of your walls, too! I can see why your new doorbell makes you happy. :) I'm the same way. Take care, Amy Jo!

  5. Those Azaleas are gorgeous, Amy Jo!

    Beauty really is in the small things :)


  6. Amy Jo, everything looks so pretty. Isn't just a little doorbell and a pink cow amazing!! Congrats to your daughter on her anniversary and the kids just won't stop growing will they! Glad you had a good Valentine's Day and thanks for stopping by for a visit with me..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. Amy Jo, I see so many random things that make me happy each and every day! Like you say, it's the little things. Love the pink cow. I have a white one and recently found a blue transferware one at a thrift for $10. Wouldn't stop me from picking up a pink one if I found it. lol! All of my grands are going to be taller than me I'm afraid. Well, may not 1. He-he!


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