Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hello March...

Hello March.... I am so glad it is quickly marching to spring! Pun intended. Although we have had a relatively mild winter here in Florida. My favorite time of year is spring and summer. I really hate cold, wet, gray days. I am looking forward to pastel colors and balmy breezes.

Not to mention little chocolate eggs and big chocolate bunnies.

 I have been busy with a little spring cleaning. The cleaning bug has bitten and I am ready for everything to be nice and fresh and bright. So Goodwill has gotten a few things and family members have gotten a few things...and I am slowly getting peace and order to this house! Yay! I've still got a little way to go. But if the good Lord is willing and the creek doesn't rise these things should be all done in no time.

Blessings and love to you,
Amy Jo


  1. Happy March to you!
    And happy almost spring!
    We are buried in snow here... But I am dreaming of opening up the door and letting the spring air in. : )
    Have a cozy evening, my new friend!

  2. The cleaning bug has had me for a bit too!

    Have a lovely weekend, Amy Jo :)


  3. AAAAH, a clean home, isn't it wonderful?
    Love Ya,
    Aunt Teresa

  4. There is nothing nicer than a clean fresh home. I had a good clean before I went on holiday.


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