Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy New Year! 2015

Oh my time has gone by so fast! It is a New Year and a lovely one it is! I have been busy with my little family. We all had the flu over the Holidays. So we had six weeks of illness in this house. It  is really awful. But we are all better now and moving forward with the new year. I hope all of you are well! I am hoping to spend a little more time here. But I keep using instagram and then never update this little corner of my life. I hope to do better though.

Amy Jo


  1. Well, we surely have missed you and will be glad to see you back here!! Love You always,
    Aunt Teresa

  2. Girl I'm always checking on this blog, so hop to it! Love Ya !

  3. Happy new year to you. Glad to hear you are now all well.

  4. Amy, So many people were sick over the holidays and it seems to last for weeks!!! I am glad you are all on the mend.

    I am starting to gear up for the Polka Dot Flea, I need to hire a lot of staff and wanted to ask people I knew and trusted. It is June 13-14 with set up on the 12th i have short hours and long hours. I also need to hire someone to work my booth with me. Send me an email if you are interested or anyone you can vouch for wants to work. If not, be sure to stop and say hi if you make it to the flea


  5. Missed you AmyJo. Glad to hear your household is on the mend. Happy New Year.

  6. Happy new year! I hope everyone is well and enjoying a new start. It's miserable to be sick any time of the year. Take care! Hugs!


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