Friday, January 30, 2015

Some Cleaning....

I bought these adorable tins a little while back and they have just been stuffed away in a cabinet. I got to thinking what is the point of having them if I am just  going to hide them. So I looked around and thought they would look nice on top of the refrigerator. When I climbed up to see about this..... Let's just say it was not pretty. So a two minute project turned into 30 minutes. But Now I have a clean dust free fridge and some pretty little tins on top.

Amy Jo



  1. Amy Jo,
    I think the tins are quite pretty and of course I love the pink stove! I mean after all it is PINK!! love pink :-)
    Love Ya
    Aunt Teresa

  2. Woops, I think that's a sink, but who cares, it's PINK, hehe.
    Aunt Teresa

  3. So sweet.... and such a reflection of YOU.

    Happy Saturday Amy Jo!


  4. Very cute! The little stove is precious :)

    I know how it is to have to start cleaning when you rearrange LOL

  5. Oh Amy, I figure...What we can't see..We can't clean ...right! Love you plates and would like to steal that adorable little pink stove. Glad you think WE can sell the lavender lol!


  6. Amy I think the tins are so pretty! What a lovely way to decorate the top of your refrigerator.

  7. I love your vintage stove too and the little tins are perfect. I hate looking up on top of the's scary! haha! Hugs!


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