Friday, March 21, 2014

Color Has Arrived

My colors arrived in the mail yesterday...and they are dark. You know I LOVE spring colors. But I also know that these are the colors that look best on me. I thought this was going to be traumatizing but actually when I started going through my closet most of my colors were in these shades. So I guess it is an instinct for us. Although I have a lot of cream and that is a hard one for me to let go of. Hopefully I will find someone who can use the clothes that I am getting rid of. Only if it is their

I am going to keep this little packet with me so when I am tempted to buy something I can whip out these little color cards and see if it is a waste of money.... Since I do so much consignment and thrift shopping this is really going to come in handy when going through bunched up clothing. I will just take out the card in the corresponding color and I won't even pull it off the rack to look at it unless it is in the perfect shade. This will be a great time saver as well. With the cards came a description of each and it even says what color jewelry will look best with what shade of color you are wearing. I am so happy I did this. Some of you may notice that there is winter and fall color in my chart. That is because she takes the Color Me Beautiful chart a step further. As you know you are normally a combination of two. She has them on the charts...Easy. Love that.

I hope you have a blessed weekend.

Amy Jo  

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  1. I enjoyed going to that site to find out what season I was. You have some beautiful colors and maybe some you can add to your wardrobe if they are not what you usually wear! It will be fun! (I'm still tempted to get some, too) Sweet hugs!


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