Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy 21st Birthday!!!

Yesterday was Savanah's 21st birthday....the first birthday we haven't spent with her. She is now in Wisconsin as of last Saturday.... We were at Lego Land yesterday so I didn't get this post up on her birthday...


21 years ago we had a sweet and beautiful little baby girl. You are such a wonderful blessing to us and we already miss you...but we know this is the natural order of life. When you get home we will celebrate your birthday. (Yes you will get presents) LOL. Hugs, birthday spankings and a pinch to... well I guess your grown now...

Love you so much,


  1. Such a beautiful picture of you two! I am in love with your dress Amy Jo! That color green looks good on you. Happy birthday to Savannah!
    Merry from

  2. Amy Jo, happy birthday to your daughter, she is so beautiful. How exciting, a wedding and right after a birthday. She is like me, I got married in October and turned 21 in November..Happy Thursday..Judy

  3. Happy Birthday...She is soooo beautiful like her Mommy! .......did someone tell her how cold it is up there!


  4. Beautiful picture of you and your daughter. Happy Belated Birthday to Savannah.


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