Friday, February 22, 2013


As you all know my laptop died tear tear, I have been hating not having it, but it is forcing me to figure out more about the desktop. So this is my first post with the desktop and I can't promise anything....

These are the beautiful roses my daughter got from her sweetheart for Valentines day.

I got a special delivery, too!

The sweetest little bouquet....

My son added a little flower from the yard.

and a box of chocolates!!! The man does know me after all..

And now a little update on the bathroom..... this is the shower...

I love the marble! It turned out beautifully.

We added a little seat.

We splurged on the marble and saved on the floor tile. We just went with a simple ceramic tile. I am so happy with it. By next week we will be done!! The next update I do on the bathroom will be at completion!

Savanah with her flowers.

The azaleas are blooming in full force.... the birds are singing, there is a gentle breeze today and peace prevails around our little home.... Here is a short video I took this morning... very amateur...I am going to work on this though.
xoxo, Amy Jo


  1. Oh the bathroom is looking great! Very luxurious. The flowers were pretty. I loved the Figurine! I just love those seet type of lady figures. I remember my grandma having some of those. I wish I had them now. That red one you have is really extra pretty.

  2. That bathroom is really taking shape. Very beautiful.
    But the show stopper is the flowers! Both bouquets.
    Such fun. I hope they're being pressed somewhere by now... at least a few petals.

    Blessings for a wonderful weekend,
    Dotti :)

  3. Your bathroom is looking so pretty--that marble looks so beautiful! All your flowers look so pretty too--and I love to get chocolates too :) Savanah is such a pretty girl.:)

  4. Gorgeous bath! LOVE all I see sweet friend.

    My printer died and I had to buy a new one...almost fainted over the cost. :( Hate that my old one is gone. Don't computers make you nutso?


  5. Love the marble and the seat in the shower! The tile looks like ours :)
    Beautiful daughter and flowers!

  6. Wow, wow, on the shower! And your daughter is adorable!!! My heart goes out to you on the computer learning curve...hate that!!


  7. Amy Jo, your daughter is stunningly beautiful! And your marble shower is too:)

  8. How sweet that you and your daughter both got flowers!! They are all beautiful.
    Your bathroom is looking so pretty! I love the marble :) Cant wait to see it finished :)
    Thank you for stopping by and visiting me!


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