Monday, February 4, 2013

A Rosy Cottage with Christie Repasy

You all know I LOVE roses.... and since this is the month of love. I am sharing some of the things that I love. Christie Repasy is one of my favorite modern day artists.  I loved her segment on Country Style and am glad it is on you tube. So enjoy!

Amy Jo


  1. LOVE CR, too! YUM!

    Now girly...a bathroom remodel is WORK. We've done 2 and we have a total makeover of our last one to do. It's currently only studs. UGH!

    Did I miss pics of your booth????

    Love you~


  2. Oh you know I love roses too!! And I love Christie's. I am off to watch the video, going to get my bib so I can drool


  3. Hi AmyJo! Happy we've found each other:) Looking forward to following your blog!

  4. So pretty!! I love those vintage floral plates. I have a few and they're real treasures as they belonged to my grandmother first.
    Great link, thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Dotti ;)

  5. i saw a board on pinterest that shows that christie copies a lot. it is here

    really a surprise

  6. I am o.k. with her using other artists for inspiration as most of them have passed away. She even mentions in her video that she does. I know that most of us will never find original pieces. This is a way to get some of those beautiful pieces to put into our homes! Blessings to you,
    Amy Jo


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