Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chair Makeover and an Antique Booth

O.K. it is time to let the cat out of the bag.... I am opening my own antique booth on February 1st! It is going to be in the Oviedo Antique Mall. Oviedo is right outside of East Orlando and very close to where I live.  My mom and I had a booth before but when I moved back to Orlando I had to give it up....But we had such fun together gathering and getting and changing and displaying... So I decided I would give it a whirl once again.... When I went to my parents this weekend my mom loaded me up with remake or just dust and sell. Things that have been in her attic. First off was this little Farmhouse chair with the ugly oilcloth seat..... I painted the whole thing (including the oilcloth) with AS Chalk Paint and.....
 wah-lah! a whole new chair. ( She gave me the cushion too) You can't see the detail in the pic,  but I roughed it up just a bit and waxed it. It is a sweet Farmhouse chic chair.
The great thing about this little business is my son is helping me each step of the way.. He is at the age where I can trust him to do a pretty good job on stuff. But I have to keep in mind he may make a mistake and I may have to fix it.  But you know he is loving it. After we do schoolwork and house work we head outback to the shed and work on the pieces....
I got this adorable dresser on craigslist. We have been painting away on it for a few afternoons.... The body is finished and we only have one more coat on the drawers...
I had to paint it because it wasn't in good enough condition to resell as is.
I love the little details on this dresser....from what I can gather I think it is from the 30's or 40's...if you know more let me know. When I went to get this dresser the lady was moving to England and asked me if I wanted....
This chair for $5.00....into the truck it is in line for a makeover.
She then asked me if I would like this chandie for $10.00....into the truck it went.... along with several other free things... I could have taken more for free but I literally couldn't fit another thing in the vehicle.... I am so excited about my little and I do mean little (8x7) space! I am naming it CHANTILLY. What do you think? I just love it and I pray God will bless this little endeavour. So far my preparations have been blessed......and I am so excited!! I hope all of you are having a great new year and that you are blessed.....

Amy Jo


  1. WOW! I am so impressed! I can't wait to see what these Cinderella's look like when your done. All the best with the booth. That's going to be one good blog post. Don't forget the camera. ;)

  2. Congratulations on opening your own booth space! I'm sure you are so excited!

  3. Oh you are going to do great! I love everything you are working one. That dresser should be a good seller, most of us with little booths don't have room for large furniture, so it is quite in demand. That is a good size booth, mine is 8 X 8 and it is all I can handle. Oh, I just know " you are going to enjoy my "what sells" Yep, just for you!! I have to get over to Oviedo again now that it has exploded with antique stores


  4. Amy Jo ...your finds you got are just fabulous that dresser is just beautiful and it's so neat that God blessed you with such great finds to fill you new antique space no matter the size it's all about the love you put into it. May God's favor be upon you and may he bless the work of your hands ..

    Thanks for visiting my blog

  5. Wonderful, looks like a great new adventure! I pray it is a huge blessing to you. And Thank You!! Your kind words and prayers have meant to world to me!

  6. Amy Jo, I just saw this post. You will be open soon and hope it goes well for you. Pretty dresser. We used to have a small booth also and did really well. It sure is a lot of fun and a lot of work. You will be busy. Good Luck..Happy Wednesday..Judy


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