Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Glimpse Into Chantilly

Well girls, I have been working on my booth for a week and I thought I would give you a peek inside. There is still tons to do! The store called early and said I could set up  and I thought I should. Ready or not.
I have already sold four picture frames, the little 1950's chair and a pillow!

I still have lots of work to do.... but it is moving along. I will show you more after my dear hubby gets in here and helps...LOL. ( I need him to build me a few things) 

Amy Jo


  1. Good luck on your booth! It is my dream for my daughter and I to have a booth together someday. Have fun!

  2. How exciting, Amy Jo. There is nothing more exciting than those first sales. It's looking pretty. Thanks for leaving me such sweet comments. The clouds are so fasinating to me..Good Luck and Happy Tuesday..Judy

  3. Looking great, Amy! I can tell you're going to have loads of fun with this! Keep the photos coming. I can't wait to see more. xx


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