Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bathroom Makeover

I can't believe it but we are finally going to remodel our master bathroom..... it has been a long time comin'... Do you know what this is?
It is a hot tub and it is right off of the bedroom..... I know strange. But it is leavin' and I couldn't be happier to say good bye.
After you pass the hot tub you will find the bathroom. It is smaller for a master bath, it has a standard shower tub combo, a single sink, and a toilet.
But soon (the good Lord willing) we will have a new bathroom with a claw foot tub!!! I am so excited about this... My Dad will be overseeing this project.  And he said he will start tearing it out sometime next week! I have dreams and they include bubbles and a lot of hot water...;) I will keep you updated.
Here is one of the finished little stools (from my mom).... I was so excited because I painted the wire, and then I started to tear off the ugly yellow plastic cover on the little seat. Well guess what was underneath the cheap plastic.?.

The original 50's pink vinyl in perfect no cover needed!! I love it when something like that happens. I just scrubbed it with a little bleach and water and it was in great shape.
This is the before. ..I have been diligently working away on a whole lot of stuff for my booth. I am as excited as ever and can't wait to get started....Thank you  for all of your words of encouragement. It means so have someone cheering you on. I hope your week is blessed.

Amy Jo


  1. You sound very excited about the remodeling of your new bathroom. It truly is a blessing to have a nice big tub in your bathroom, while you relax in the bubbles. I do that as often as I can.

    Also, what a nice surprise about the seat cover! It definitely looks much more pretty than the yellow.


  2. What a treasure that little seat turned out to be! Can't wait to see how the bathroom transforms. I'm sure with your touch, it will be something amazing. Have fun... :)


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