Monday, November 26, 2012

The Joy in Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was filled with lots of food and laughs. We enjoyed all of the traditional food and some not so traditional ones as well. One of the appetizers we have every year (sister started this) is guava paste and cream cheese on Ritz crackers. If you haven't tried it you should... it is so good.

This is my daughter with her boyfriend Kevin.

Me and my little girl.... oh why do they have to grow up?

Aunt Teresa and Uncle Jerry... this picture blurred for some reason.

This is my mom and nephew Tristan....he is 14 and 6 ft tall.... my they grow fast.

My sissie cakes...

With her handsome husband...

My little boy.... growing so fast....He will be ten tomorrow.

You can tell Levi loves to get pictures with his sister..LOL boys never change... Oh how I love family gatherings. They are the icing on the cake.... we truly enjoyed all of the fellowship and the food was so good...Now....

I am working  on the merriest time of the year.... I can't wait for our Christmas party... so much fun....

Amy Jo


  1. Beautiful family photos--I am so glad you had a good thanksgiving!

  2. You have such a beautiful family! So happy you had a great gathering. My son is 13 and I think I can literally watch him grow every day! He had to put on his winter coat yesterday. It had been so warm until yesterday and I think I better go get him one that comes down his arms and below his waste! Yes, they grow fast!!


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