Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Georgia Trip

Over the weekend we went to Georgia to bury the ashes of my Grandmother. She has been gone 3 years now, and it just now worked out where everyone could get together. This is my Mom (middle) and her older and younger sister. This is the grave of my great-grandparents. Their grandparents.

My sister and I got into the picture as well.

This is my Mom and Dad in front of the old church. They have a new building now. All of my mothers people are buried in the Red Hill church cemetery.

The grave of a two year old. It reads "weep not papa and mama for me for I am waiting in glory for thee."

I love reading the epitaphs on grave stones.

Great- great grandmother.

She was a full blooded Cherokee Indian.

great-great grandfather.

This was their son's grave.

We came across this abandoned house. So we did a little snooping around.

The weeds were tall.

The wisteria was taking over.

But, the house was blessed. This was on the window pane. : May your heart be filled with joy. May your cares melt away, may you find comfort within these walls may your night be turned to day; May God heal the broken places that have caused your heart to grieve, May God comfort you in your sorrows and give you strength to believe; May God always go before you and open the doors he'd have you walk through, may he also shut the doors that would keep you from being true; May He show you through his spirit that his love is always near, may he speak peace to the storms of your life, may he calm your every fear. May you find your way from the wilderness to the abundance of Canaan land. May your heart be forever changed having been touched by the masters hand.

Through the window pane.

County Courthouse.

Beautiful old doors.

Lastly we kept seeing this strange truck around town. So when it was at the Subway I pulled over and took a few pictures.

Yes! those are real animal skins! You could smell the solution they use to tan the hides from 10 feet away.

He even has an outhouse! You never know what you will see in the back woods of Georgia!

Amy Jo


  1. Great post Amy Jo. Let's get that truck out of the way first. Please! I've seen decorated vehicles but not to that extent. Can you say Deliverance! I love old cemeteries. I feel so sad when I see one in an unkept state. This must have been a special time for your family. My mom passed away about 20 years before my dad. He kept her ashes all that time in the house because they always wanted to be buried together. When he passed we put Mom's ashes in with him and that felt right..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  2. That was a beautiful and joyful post. (Except for the end, and I have to admit. That was a little weird! LOL) You family history in that cemetery is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing such a personal place.

  3. I was sorry to hear about your grandmother, but I enjoyed learning a little bit about your families history and background. That abandoned house looked pretty neat. I wish I could renovate it and live in it. :) As for that truck - oh my! That is kind of strange, but interesting to look at.

    Blessings to you! :)

  4. Hi Amy Jo: Thanks so much for your kind words on my post. We certainly were not looking for a doll house, but feel lucky to have found it..Happy Thursday..Judy

  5. Thanks for sharing some of your family's heritage, Amy Jo. And my hubby and boys are going to love the pics of that truck! :)

  6. Amy Jo...what an amazing family my friend. Such rich heritage and display of love. I loved seeing you with your family...your sis, your momma and her sisters, too!

    Isn't God good? He always directs our path.

    Love to you~



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