Friday, September 14, 2012

Granny Sweater, And Pinterest Ideas

I found this granny chic sweater for $4.00. I think it will be comfy for fall.

I added one of my pins to it...

I don't know if pinterest is good for me or bad for me. LOL I found this on pinterest.

And now I own it.... It was on etsy. I love the images and I have been wanting a new cover for my little tabletop ironing board.

I also saw this idea on etsy. You buy the plastic mats at target and cut them to fit and line the refrigerator.

Now when something is spilled you just take out the mat and wipe.... They have all kinds of colors but these were the only ones that would go in my kitchen. The red ones that are on pinterest are actually on clearance sale right now. So this is why I'm not sure if Pinterest is good for me. It gives me so many ideas... My mind is in a whirl with possibilities.

Amy Jo


  1. The sweater is so pretty! Love it! And I love the iron-board fabric. It's so cute! Have a lovely weekend~

  2. Good idea with the refrigerator mats. I hate cleaning the refrigerator. :)

  3. I love cardigans! And the pin looks perfect! Just what it needed. Pinterest is either inspirational, or just a way to waste time. In my case, i wonder if I am wasting time at this addictive pinning! My Pinterest board has an insane amount of pins I have pinned! But the inspiration is wonderful, I am glad you posted your on your blog. I that fabric that you bought to cover your board? Because I love it! Such great images. The refrigerator mat is a great idea, too!
    Bless you!


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