Saturday, February 11, 2012

What A Blessing Our Refrigerator Is

"To many people electric refrigeration is still such a novelty that they scarcely realize the range of its possibilities. It is almost like having an Aladdin's lamp and not knowing the right way to rub it. With a General Electric Refrigerator, simple recipes, easily prepared, produce delightful results. The owning of such a refrigerator is a form of health and happiness insurance which every homemaker in America should have the privilege of enjoying." ---GE Electric Refrigerator Recipes, 1927

This little ad I came across, reminded me that I really do take so many blessings for granted. Just a short time ago homemakers didn't have the privilege of storing left overs and of having a salad made and left for later.  Or just simply having cold drinks and ice cream. We have so many gifts from God...... most of them we don't even think about. It seems kind of wicked of us, doesn't it? I pray today that you will take the time and thank God for the wonderful and limitless blessings He gives us each day!

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  1. I so agree! This is a good reminder to be thankful for the wonderful blessing we have.


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