Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Skirt I Made and a Few Goodwill Finds

This is not the skirt I origanally planned on making. I went to Goodwill and found a twin size shabby chic sheet and decided, I would turn it into a skirt. So this skirt was made.

It is a little fluffy. I am going to put some darts in it to help with that. But I love the spring time feel it has.
I found this shower curtain at Goodwill as well. It is from the Shabby Chic collection.
So I washed it and hung it in my bathroom.

Lastly I got this 1960's terry cloth dress. I love yellow and this dress is so comfortable.  I am making a few more things, in the days to come..... So they will hopefully turn out well. I will keep you updated.

Amy Jo


  1. Oh how I love these finds! Gorgeous yellow dress (I am very partial to yellow, myself..I can't think of a more gloriously uplifting color!) and you did wonderfully on the skirt!

    God Bless, friend!

  2. Your new skirt looks lovely! I like the light floral pattern (I think those are flowers :). Your thrift store finds are wonderful as well! You look very sweet in your new yellow dress, too! :)


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