Monday, February 27, 2012

Ramblings About Daily Life

This was the view out of my window today...
The ducks came out for a swim :)
I won tickets to the Daytona 500 and my husband and son went Sunday, but they got rained out... It was a sad waste because they couldn't go back tonight for the rescheduled race. We gave the tickets away.
While they were gone I thought I would bake some cookies, for when they got home.
These ARE whole wheat cookies... someone tell me the chocolate chips are healthy.
Strawberries and cream.... another delicous dessert we enjoyed this week.
Levi built this little truck out of a kit we picked up at goodwill. It is now painted but I didn't get a picture of the paint job.
You know I am a little crazy to show this picture!  My daughter is in beauty school and was practicing her roller set.
Lastly this is the fabric that I am making an apron out of. I have an old kitchen towel that my granny had embroidered grapes on. I thought I would make an apron and use the kitchen towel on it in some way. Maybe a pocket or maybe attached in some other way. I will keep you updated.              
Amy Jo

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