Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Years Resolutions? NO!!! Goals YES!!

I absolutely love what I am seeing out in blog land, right now.... instead of New Years Resolutions, so many have decided on goals. I like that so much better. I like the thought of having goals. Instead of " I will be a super model stick figure."  It is, " I will strive towards health"... and setting defined goals on what that means. For me that is trying to get in my fruits and vegetables every day. Exercising for 30 minutes. These are goals I can attain. It is not far fetched. I am not setting myself up for failure. No promises of a size 0 in a few weeks. 

Another goal I have for myself is to read one chapter a day in my Bible. This is a breeze... I can always find time for one chapter. As a homeschooler we read much more of the Bible than that on any given school day, but this goal is for me. I will read a chapter a day, alone or with my husband. Every day. This gives me time to process....meditate..... and just simply enjoy my time with God. This is something I so often don't do. My time alone with God is so fulfilling. It makes me happier and I am way more content with my life. Which leads to my next goal.... Contentment.

Sometimes I really struggle with this. I look around and I say "o.k. I want this and that." And I have this and that but...... I want a better this or that. It is wrong. Dead wrong. I know this in my heart. But, here I am wishing for something better than what God has given. I am striving for and determined to be content. I do not want to disrespect God and be unhappy with the blessings He has so bountifully given me and my family. Another goal is to rid myself of anything that I don't love. This is ever changing for me.... I have a great start on this goal. I have 3 trash bags already filled and ready to give away. And I have one more started......So these are my basic goals for this year. I have a few more in regards to my family... I will share those thoughts with you later.

Amy Jo

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