Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guarding Our Home and Making it a Haven of Rest

Lately, when I look at the news and hear all of the happenings of this world, I long to move away. Especially from this big city. Even though we are not in the actual city, traffic is horrible and people are just a little more rude in a place like Orlando. We moved away once, but the cost to commute in  money and time was just to high. Being the romantic that I am I have this ideal in my mind of what life is supposed to be. But, I know that at this point in our life, this is where God has put us. So content I must try to be.

 I believe we can make our piece of the world into what we want it to be. Something closer to what God would have it to be. Our homes can be a little slice of heaven on earth. (well sort of)  We can make our loved ones "feel the love". We can provide an environment, that you just can't get anywhere else.....that "There's No Place Like Home" feeling. What that looks like to me, may not be what it looks like for you. I am all about a cozy cottage type of home with lots of books and lots of chatting going on. Baked treats are a must! Generally there is a Yankee candle burning and a washing machine whirring..... Lots of laughter and a few tears too.... in the evening after dinner dishes are done, it is time to relax.... we may read, or play a game, or watch a show.The sites and sounds, the familiar voices of the people I hold so dear surrounding me, and comforting me. God established the home and put the desire in us to create a beautiful home and atmosphere.
What are some ways we can build our home up and make our loved ones feel cherished?

  • We can give each person a space of their own and let them decorate and keep it how they want.(within reason)
  • We can include their favorite dishes on our menus.
  • We can try to be available to listen and share our time with them, even when it is inconvenient.
  • On birthday's I always try to make them feel extra special. This is their day. So whatever they want for dinner I try to make it. They get the cake of their choice. We just try to let them know, we are so happy they are part of our family. We pray God's blessings for them and the new year.
  • The most important thing is just letting your family know that no matter what, they are loved and cherished. They are important! Never to be replaced. A precious gift given by God.
May the Lord bless your little piece of the world with that at home familiar feeling!


  1. I also feel the same way as you do about not wanting to live in a larger city, which we do. I'm also not so pleased with living in Suburbia Land, since the houses are so close together, but as you stated, I must be contented with where God has placed me.

    I really liked this post, Amy. Making sure that the loved ones within our home are cared for and appreciated is very much an important part of homemaking.

    P.S. I like the photo that you used for this post. It's too cute. :)

  2. I totally agree. I try to purposely stay away from a lot of the news and happenings around the world that we have access to now days. It's all just...too much, know what I mean? I can't fix things going on across the world from me ~ but I can make a difference right here in my home and the life God has given to me. I know as wives and moms we try to protect our homes from destructive outside influences, but I think it's also just as important to protect our own peace of mind. And staying away from the blaring headlines has helped me with that.

  3. This is a lovely post. I believe we should grow and thrive where ever God has planted us. Like you, I try to make our home a haven from all the influences of the outside world.


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