Monday, January 23, 2012

My Vintage Kitchen

This is my hard working little kitchen. Over the years it has seen the most use of any of our rooms. We  bought this house 2 years ago from my parents. This is the home I grew up in. So I have lived on this property for a big part of my life.

This is all of the original tile work. We have not done any updates to this room except, paint the cabinets and walls, and buy a new refrigerator.

My Mom wanted rose tile, so Dad had this tile hand painted for her. I couldn't get by with out my Kitchen aid.

I am collecting plates to go all along the top of the cabinets.

I love having a gas stove and double ovens. It makes cooking so much easier.

My work station....LOL

My mom bought me this napkin holder the matching salt and peppers, and the toothpick holder for my 30th birthday.

This is a close up of the tile. I would have taken more pictures, maybe of better quality but my camera died. It needs new batteries....:(

Amy Jo


  1. This is lovely. How fun it must be to have your mother's roses in your kitchen. Love those white cabinets. ;)


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