Thursday, January 9, 2014

Laundry Cart

I have been so busy but I did manage to squeeze in getting my laundry cart liner finished. I used a vintage sheet and vintage trim that I had gotten for super cheep at an antique store. It turned out really cute. And it perfectly matches my laundry room. I do still plan on showing the whole thing soon. I have been very slow in this process.

The wedding planning has put a hold on a lot of my normal every day life.... I know weddings are great, but honestly I will be glad when it is over. This is the front of the wedding invitation. Kevin designed it and he did a really good job. Saturday is the Bridal Shower. It will be at the tea room. I will share pictures of the day.  I think it we will have a lovely time. Until then.....

Blessings and Love,
Amy Jo


  1. I *love* your laundry cart! Can't wait to see the rest! Have a lovely day at the bridal tea, that sounds fun ;)

  2. Amy Jo,
    The liner turned out nice! see ya Saturday.
    Love ya
    Aunt Teresa

  3. Hi Amy Jo... what a sweet laundry cart. Your washing sure does get around in style.

    Blessings for all your wedding plans and bridal shower. What an exciting time. :)

  4. I totally understand how busy you are!! It is so great to get it all done early so you can enjoy the wedding. I would love to find a laundry cart like that



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