Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Bridal Shower----Part 1

Before leaving in the morning....The bride to be.

I have shown this tea room before it is so gorgeous!

They had every thing set and ready for us.

This is truly my dream look for my home.

This was also for the party...

On top of the piano.

This is the table I was at.

Under the spot light!

The Entry.

I would love this bird bath in a cottage garden.



Ideas for window treatments...

Need a hat.


Beautiful vintage dress.

I love these hats... I will be sharing more photos soon. The day was so fun and beautiful. Savanah definitely had a day to remember....all thanks to her Grandma Linda and Aunt Judy for putting it on...
Amy Jo


  1. Amy Jo
    What a beautiful place for your daughters shower, glad the day was special. She looked beautiful

  2. Wow! What a beautiful shower for a beautiful bride to be! I agree with you, I would LOVE my home to look just like that tea room!


  3. What a stunning place to hold an event, absolutely beautiful!

  4. Oh wow, how beautiful! Everything is truly stunning including the bride-to-be :)

  5. What a beautiful shower! The Bride is just gorgeous--she looks like a barbie doll. :)

  6. So very beautiful... your daughter looks radiant!
    What an inspiring venue for your shower. I hope the days ahead continue to fill your hearts with gladness and wonderful memories.

  7. Amy Jo,
    I love how you share the sweet details, and 'Yes', your daughter looks so happy. I hope the wedding will be just beautiful and peaceful, filled with hope and joy. Thank you for stopping by Deep Roots. If at all possible, when readers leave a comment, I return it instead of blog hopping now...better to go deeper than wider...


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