Monday, January 27, 2014

Surface of Savanah

My daughter is beginning her new life in a few weeks....she will be married and moving a whole new part of the country. We will be gaining a son and losing a daughter (in a sense) all in one day. She just decided to start her own blog and we can all follow her on this little road she is about to travel....she would love it if you will come and visit her.

Surface of Savanah
Let her know I sent you!
Amy Jo


  1. Amy Jo,
    Such a good looking couple they make!! I will be going over to see her blog right away. I also need to call you and see when I can come over to try and fix my computer problem, thanks for offering!
    Love Ya.
    Aunt Teresa

  2. Amy...Goodness you are on the final count down...So much fun and so great to have it done too lol!


  3. Thanks for sharing my blog mom! Love you :)

  4. When my daughter married and moved away it actually made our relationship stronger, you actually plan the time so you are not distracted with other things. It is also what started my husband and I to learn how to use a computer.


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