Thursday, November 7, 2013

Small Changes and a Sign

I have had these little pot holders for a long time. They have been stuffed in a drawer.... I also had this key holder hanging with no keys hanging on I got the brilliant idea to hang the pot holders on the key holder
. I think they look darling.

This is a side table in the living room... I changed it up a bit...

I just love this lovely lady...

And this adorable vintage rooster.

My mom made this sign for the thought it was a sign of things to come didn't you? based on my title. No it is an actual sign. LOL  Didn't she do a fantastic job?
I hope you are all having a blessed you can see nothing major is happening around the home front.  I just thought I would share my day.
Amy Jo


  1. I was wondering when the wedding was..Feb, that will come quick. I love the sign Mom made. And your head vase is gorgeous, I have a small collection of small head vases...That one is a beauty!


  2. Sometimes nothing major happening days are the best kind. :) The pot holders on the key holder was truly brilliant! I love the way that turned out, and all the soft pastels that you are using to decorate with -so pretty! And the sign is wonderful!

    Thank you so much for offering to pray for me, and for your sweet comment! Have a great night, Amy Jo!

  3. Your mom did a GREAT job on the sign for your daughter's wedding! I would love a handmade sign from my grandmother like that! Very sweet!

    1. Thank you for your comments! Savanah is blessed to get that sign from her grandma.

  4. The sign looks great! I love that vintage rooster--it looks pastel. How sweet!

  5. Oh, I love your rooster! I also like the idea of getting those pretty things out of dark drawers and where you can enjoy seeing them.



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