Sunday, September 15, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama and a Baptism.....

O.K these two pictures are in the opposite order.  Our future son-in-law got rebaptized....

He didn't feel he understood what he was doing the first time... because he was very young so he asked my husband to baptize him again..... So we rejoice in this blessing. It is wonderful when a soul is added to the heavenly roster.

We have been knee deep in wedding plans with only five months left until the big day!!! With that said I know that I would like to lose about 15 pounds before all of the parties and feasting...and PICTURES!  Yikes...... Well way back in May I bought the Trim Healthy Mama Book and I was really jazzed up about it. Telling all of my family and friends. Well they have had great success and I well...... I have been less than diligent. O. K. a LOT less diligent than them.... If you haven't heard about this book you should really look into it. These to sisters wrote this book over a five year span. And I know it works, my Aunt has lost 22 pounds in just  a couple of months, my friend Julie is at a weight she hasn't seen in a while. Down to a 119 pounds!  I lost 4  pounds in a week..... all very healthfully. You can got to Gwen's Nest or Stacy Makes Cents, to read full reviews and look at recipes and tips on this book.

So why am I telling you my dear readers all of this? Well I want you to be my accountability partner! If I know I have to check in with you next Sunday and let you know how I am doing, I am hoping it will keep me motivated. So today is my first check in...and I am nervous about the whole thing but here goes my dignity LOL.....

135 Pounds....... Hoping to be around five months.

So my dear little accountability partners here it starts and next Sunday I will talk more about this little journey.....

Amy Jo


  1. OK, we are watching and holding you to it!! I lost weight for my sons wedding for the same reasons, but found it difficult since I was doing it for an occasion and not because "I wanted to do it". In the end...The pictures...I was glad I did!

    PS: I agree with you, this rose form is my favorite too


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