Sunday, September 22, 2013

Birthday Cake and A Big Fat Fail

If only this ad were true! LOL  It is time for my update.....and it isn't pretty girls. I gained a pound.....Now wait I know what your thinking....but I can explain, I started off so well...Following plan to the letter..... then the monthly hormones hit.... and my husband, dear sweet man that he is, brought me home my favorite. JR Mints... Can a girl turn that down...right at the time when you are craving chocolate? So it broke rhythm....
And then it was time for Frank's Birthday dinner at his Mom's. She made Pork Chop's , Biscuits and Gravy. Then there was some cake to follow....It would have been so rude to refuse!

We had the best time. I bought Frank a Yeti cooler. He loved it! Happiness abounded, even amongst failure. Now this week will be better...I am getting back on the horse and riding again ....

Blessings and Love,
Amy Jo


  1. Oh, my dieting is hard! I was going on a healthy way of eating and losing weight. Lost 4 lbs and then life happened and guess I gained it back. Yup, I keep saying, "After today, I will get back on track!" We can get there, just keep on trying. Funny little advertisement, lol.

  2. Oh, Amy Jo. It's just a blip in the road! And I'm so glad that you aren't rude! That add would have just served me so well when I was young. But, somehow when 50 crept up, it wasn't so true anymore. So we just laugh and get on with it. Thanks for your sweet comments to me. Isn't that the funniest little horse with his bad hair..Happy Fall Day..Judy


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