Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We went to Georgia to spend the weekend with my nephew. It was his 21st Birthday.

They look a little to happy to sacrifice their lives for ice cream. LOL 

Everyone rode horses.

Enjoying the ride.....

It was a big joke how Cody had ponies, balloons, and candles for his 21st birthday.

Opening his presents.

My sister and Cody....Her oldest.  I think this is making us old Amber. What do you think?

This was all at Kayleigh's house his girlfriend. They put on a nice party for Cody. Kayleigh's Dad got stuck with all of the young people at his house. LOL They loved staying there.

Good Food!

Happy Birthday to You!!

I hope every single dream and wish comes true!!  We love this boy more than can ever be told.  He is a hard working Fire Fighter.....and a very wonderful man....(I am a little biased)

So that was our wonderful weekend.... How was yours?

Amy Jo

Sophia and her Daddy..... I almost forgot this one.


  1. What a nice young man. Looks like everyone had a grand time. Happy Birthday to Cody. Glad you had a great Labor Day Weekend.
    Didn't do much here, way to hot and humid - so I stayed in the nice A/C house.
    Have a great week.

  2. Oh Amy, what a great weekend. Love that gorgeous small town and a boy is never to old for ponies and balloons! Happy Birthday!


  3. Hi Amy. What a fantastic weekend you had and Happy Birthday to your nephew. They grow up fast, don't they? Thanks for your visit and your kind words..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. Hi Amy Jo,
    Oh what a sweet post. Your nephew is adorable and a hero. My hubby and son in law are firefighters too and I think they are everyday hero's in my book. What a sweet fun party. Happy 21st Birthday to Cody.


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