Monday, December 10, 2012

Thrifty Christmas Finds

Hi there! Are you all ready for Christmas? I keep adding every day. Something here, something there..... Tinkering around the house finding things to move. I found this beautiful door wreath at Goodwill for $ 3.99 the other day. It looks like it was never hung. So I put my bells on the back door. And this one on the front. That way everybody gets a Christmas greeting.

This pretty JOY set was .99 cents each. The original price tag was still on them and it read $19.99. So I got a good discount. There was a chip though. Right on one of the angels nose.

I just painted them with some Annie Sloan Old White and you can never tell the difference.

I like to buy scripture pieces and put them around the house. It is a way of writing God's Word on the door posts as the scripture tells us to do.

I found this heavy and beautiful pitcher for $3.99. I think it will be lovely with flowers in it or pink lemonade.

Lastly I found this beautiful angel at a thrift store that benefits troubled people. She was the perfect color and the price was right. So now...

She is in her rightful spot.... Happy Monday! Until next time.

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Amy Jo


  1. Hello, Your thrifty finds are marvelous! Love the JOY, the angel and the wonderful pitcher - I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  2. Those are all really great finds, Amy Jo! I like putting Scripture around our house, too.

  3. Hi Amy Jo,
    What a charming blog you have! It's always a pleasure to meet another Christian blogger. I love your angel. She is really pretty! I also love being a home maker and I loved being at home with my children while they grew up. Thank you for sharing and I hope you will stop by and say Hello.

    Christmas blessings,

  4. I'm happy to be your newest follower too...Blessings

  5. Hi Amy Jo,
    What great thrift store finds! It is so much fun to find such pretty items at such a good price. I especially like the pink angel and crystal pitcher! Have a wonderful blessed Christmas.

  6. Love your pitcher, your door wreath, and your angel. Great finds!

  7. It looks fabulous,I don't have any decorations up yet!! I love the pink angel, we would have been fighting in the aisle for that one! I love the joy in white...OK, I love everything in white..or pink!


  8. Hi Amy,
    I see you are a thrift store aficionado too...great finds. I ❤thrift stores. So many treasures to be found :-) Can't wait to look around your blog some more. Wishing you a beautiful day.


  9. Hi Amy Jo. You found some really pretty and useful things. Your door looks very welcoming with the new decoration. Love that you painted the JOY white and beautiful angel, looks right at home on the tree..Thanks, Amy Jo, for your very sweet comments to me. I truly love Christmas and I probably get a little carried away sometimes, but that's me...Happy Wednesday..Judy

  10. The wreath is super cute! You've really been finding some great things.
    Happy Holidays,
    Erica :)

  11. What fabulous treasures you found and great prices too! You lucky duck!!
    big hugs,


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