Friday, December 7, 2012

Once Lost Now Found

My husband found the missing ornaments in the attic!!!  I was so glad as some of my favorites were missing.

I got this at an antique mall last year. I just love this one.

This little bird is now safely nested upon the tree.

My Granny gave me this a few years before she passed away. It is so sparkly and pretty.
This was not lost..... Levi just made this in Bible class. I thought it was the sweetest little nativity ornament ever! So now it has a honored spot on our tree. That is what I love about Christmas, new memories made and old memories remembered.... I hope your having fun getting all ready for Christmas...

Amy Jo


  1. Love your ornaments! I try to at least find one to add to the tree each year. Take care, Darlene

  2. So glad you found your missing ornaments--they are pretty!

  3. You certainly have some precious ornaments. :)

  4. Home made ones are just the most precious. I have glittered hearts on construction paper I carefully pack every year and re-hang at Christmas. I treasure them.

  5. Hi Amy Jo. I loved your post today especially the part about the ornament that Levi made and what you love about Christmas. I have got to become better organized. I am looking all over for ornaments that I don't remember where I put away. Thank you for your sweet words to me. Those were fun days then, not as much to worry about as now, although I'm sure my parents worried too..Happy Weekend..Judy


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