Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa Baby

I thought I would pop in and show you my latest ornament.... my little Santa baby (s). I got two of these vintage cuties on eBay.

I keep looking at them because they are so darling...

It has cooled off here in Florida, we are in the 60's two days in a row! I am glad, it makes it feel more like Christmas... My daughter and I are in the kitchen today baking up a ton of cookies for friends and business associates. 12 days and counting..... are you ready?

Amy Jo


  1. Completely and utterly enchanting!

    I am ALMOST ready. :)

    Have a holly jolly day.

  2. Hi Amy Jo. Don't say only 12 days. I like to block that out as I don't think 12 days are enough time to finish what I started. Your little Santa ornaments are just darling. Don't you just love it when certain things really appeal to you? I appreciate your kind words on my post. It was a hard one to write, but we do have to remember the happy times. Life goes on, that is just the way..Hope you had a good weekend..Judy

  3. How you doing Amy Jo? I been trying to catch up and just love all your posts that I had missed! Your cousin's house is lovely, and all your pretty decor is, too! The baby Santas are so cute!!! I am not ready yet for Christmas, still finishing up,, but soon!! Have a blessed Christmas.


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