Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Treasures

I am not supposed to be bringing any new treasures home, because our house is on the market. Any time we have moved I have had to get rid of tons of stuff. When you get to a new home some of your old treasures just don't work. BUT.... I had time to kill while in town the other day and I was having withdraws sooo... I went into a little thrift store to kill that time. I was VERY selective... So I only left with three items. One being  this rose plate. I paid 8.00 for it. Not bad for a cake plate. I will hang it in my kitchen. 

The second being this pretty little plate.I just saw a set of these plates on another blog ( I don't remember who's) I thought they were so pretty. I was rummaging around and lo and behold one butter sized plate caught my eye. I was so excited. Just 2.00. I didn't have to think twice about this little guy. I hope to find more of this pattern. Searching is most of the fun! The third thing was a book. I am now reading the book.  So for $11.00 I had a whole lot of fun....

Amy Jo


  1. Oh that cake plate has my heart pounding! Too lovely!

  2. The cake plate is very pretty. I can understand you "having to have" that little treasure. :)

  3. nice post thanks for sharing..blessings


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