Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Landscaping

When we bought my childhood home 2 and 1/2 years ago from my parents, my husband said we would do a home improvement project every six months. So we have been plugging along.... I get to decide what the project will be. For this project I decided on gutters and landscaping. So we had the gutters installed the week before Easter. This week the landscaping got done.... Yeah!
My husband doing the prep work.
This is our neighbor Justin on the left and my husband on the right. They are installing the weed barrier. They completed this project in two evenings.
They planted two gardenia trees....heavenly scent.


I have forgotten the name of this vining plant... we put this next to my jasmine and I am hoping they will intertwine and be beautiful...fingers crossed.


We planted two climbing roses and fourteen knockout roses.
Everything we planted blooms. I am so happy with it. It is so funny though, it seems the more we do the more we need to do... Do you know what I mean? I am hoping to get better pictures later. Our house is so long it is difficult to get one shot.  I am getting so excited for the weekend. The Fancy Flea is THIS weekend....EEEK.. I have been waiting for months. I hope it doesn't dissapoint. And, I am going to pick something up for one of you!.... so stay tuned.

Amy Jo


  1. Hi Amy Jo: Your home is looking great. How neat to live in your childhood home. My daughter, SIL and grandson live in her, was ours. childhood home in Santa Cruz. She loves the fact. Your plants are beautiful and I love the red little vine plant too. I can't think of it's name but my neighbor has one in pink and what a beauty. It will look great with the jasmine and pretty against the brick..Happy Friday..Judy

  2. That is so neat that your daughter bought your home..I love knowing everything about this house. Even if something is old we know we can trust the care it recieved...

    Happy Friday to you!

    Amy Jo


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