Thursday, July 5, 2018

Happy July

Happy July! Another month has come and gone.

We are still getting daily rain. It looks like a hurricane hit through here. Hopefully we don’t actually get a hurricane this year. I’m not sure what will happen. Probably the worst flooding this area would have seen.

During the month of June we went to visit my father in law. We hadn’t seen him in over 5 years. This is my brother in law (left to right) father in law, husband, and son. It was good to check on him and see how things are doing for him.

We went and saw the Incredibles. 

We went to the beach...

And scalloping...

We have to take two boats since the family has grown so much. 

As you can see they were successful...

I stayed back and got to play with Carson, my great nephew. He’s the little star of the show. My daughter and son in law have yet to have children.... they brought his eight year old nephew. 

They are not used to parenting!😂

While they were out cold, Mason was still going! They  thought an eight year old took energy... I cannot wait to see how a baby goes. Hee hee 

Amy Jo

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