Monday, January 16, 2017

Randomness From Winona Cottage

Can you believe we are 16 days into the new year? So far it has whizzed by. My mom and I went to goodwill and I found this letter A. Already painted pink. Perfection!
The early morning sunshine peaks in through the blinds. I love Florida and the year round sun and warmth. 
I make my bed every morning. I can't stand an unmade bed.  It's just one of those things that drive me crazy. What about you? Do you make your bed? Or is an unmade bed ok with you? 
Have y'all tried Lemon Curd before? It's life changing! Well maybe not life changing, but it definitely changes your toast. If you like lemon. If you don't then I wouldn't suggest it. lol 
So what's on your agenda today? Since it's Martin Luther Day. I have the day off. (As a wife and mother you know we never really have a day off) but I'll say it's my day off. I'm going to paint some things... and grocery shop and I might stop in the antique store.
 And in other news Maybelline (the puppy) will be flying in on Friday. I don't know exactly when. But the breeder emailed me and asked if Friday would be ok. So expect puppy pictures soon. I'm very excited to finally get my Christmas present! PS wouldn't it be great to look like this? 

Amy Jo

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  1. You found some great finds at GW. I cannot stand not to make my bed and have the kitchen dishes donw before anything else. My mother always said "always have your bed made and the dishes done" so that if you have company your house will look okay. LOL

    Have a great week and hope you have a wonderful day off.



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