Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My North Carolina Finds and a Birthday Gift

Look at this set of beautiful vintage pink silver ware!! This was my birthday gift from my sister. I have wanted some of these for a very long time but every time I found them they were way to expensive...well imagine my surprise when I was in North Carolina and my sister put this on instagram with the message it was for me!!! Yay! I was so excited. Especially since everyone else forgot my birthday...including my husband. Yes these things happen. LOL

Don't worry ladies I treated myself to a few treasures.... One being this vintage tole tray that is now in my laundry room.

I have had these plates for a while but have never shown them to you. I got them for $3.00 each. Aren't they pretty?

Now this is my favorite find in North Carolina. I got it at a shop called High Cotton Consignment in Fayetteville. It is so pretty to me...I have already worn it a few times. I got a few other things but nothing note worthy. We had so much fun going around and finding is always my favorite thing to do.... I have been up to other things too.... I will show these in my next post.

Amy Jo


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Amy Jo. Your sister knows you well, does she. The silver ware is very lovely and I love the plates that you got too. I think we should all get ourselves a Birthday present, something that we really want.
    Glad you had a grand time on vacation.

  2. Happy belated birthday, a wonderful thoughtful gift from your sister and some great finds.

  3. Amy Jo,
    So sorry all of us bone heads forgot your b-day :( But happy belated B-day! I'm so glad you found some nice treasures !
    Love Ya,
    Aunt Teresa

  4. Amy Jo, how pretty are all your finds and I love the birthday present from your sister. I love it when my hubby forgets my birthday, although he rarely does. It just gives me a good reason to go buy something for myself and not feel guilty!..Happy 4th to you and your family..Judy


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