Monday, October 21, 2013

Random Pictures With My New Camera

For our Anniversary my Hubby bought me a new camera.... I am loving this camera. I have been playing with it and driving my family nuts....

Levi making rubberband bracelets. They are all the rage at his school.


Levi got an A on his spelling test.

Savanah and Brantley ( Our Neighbors Little boy)

The Light of a full moon.

The only various color in our yard. The leaves haven't begun to change here.

What Bentley dreams about...

Bentley on the look out.... wanting to chase the lizards he sees.

Amy Jo


  1. Fun pictures..A day in the life of Amy Jo and good job LEVI! I just put a tag on the poinsettia tote "Hold for Amy Jo" Thank you, I will see you on the 2nd..Oh lets hope for good weather...Wouldn't rain be a disaster!


  2. Looks like you are having fun with your new camera. Your photos are great! You can never take too many photos :) Enjoy!


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