Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Levi's First Day and A Closing

We made a decision to put Levi in a Christian school.....Savanah graduated a couple of years back and he was tired of being an only child at home all day....He asked if he could go.

So Monday was his 1st day. He is loving it so far.... I hope it stays that way as they really push the kids....

In other news I have decided to close my booth at the antique mall. Although I was selling a lot of stuff, I was not making as good as I would have liked. The owner was discounting everything without permission. Even when firm was written. So I decided to leave instead of causing a scene.... Maybe one day I will try again....but it will be a while.  So what will I be doing without a booth and no homeschooling? Well we still have a septic business to run and I still have a home to clean....and I have a lot of projects in this house I want to do.....Not to mention a wedding to plan!  So I still have plenty of things to do...:)

Amy Jo


  1. Hi Amy Jo: Oh, yes, you won't believe the projects that you will find to do. Everything will seem a lot different to you I imagine with more time on you hands. Just enjoy it..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  2. you have a nice blog Amy!
    I like how you profess your faith, and inspire others!
    keep sharing!
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