Sunday, March 24, 2013

Suit Cases at Sunny Skies

My friend Heather gave me these vintage suitcases Friday.

This is the inside of  the blackish blue one....

You know you have a good friend when she gives you an entire collection of something, but not only did she give me the suitcases.....she also gave me her entire collection of  Victoria magazines. I am so excited about these. I have hours of entertainment at my fingertips. 

This is a Waverly advertisement.

This table setting is gorgeous.... thank you Heather for the wonderful gift!

I also scored a major find that I had to share with you. I have always wanted to collect doorstops...but they are pricey. But I was able to get this very small one.

It was probably a bookend from what I have been able to find out....But I just love the colors and I hope that this is the beginning of a collection ;) 

Amy Jo


  1. Wow you are so lucky to get a collection of Victoria Magazine. You will have such fun seeing and reading all the articles in them.
    Love the suitcases also - they make a great side table. Enjoy your treasures.

  2. Amy scored the jackpot! Congratulations.
    A dear friend of mine once gave me her collection of Victoria magazines. I thought I'd won the lottery. Still have them all... 15 years later.
    Enjoy your stash. I'm sure you'll be inspired. xx

  3. Those are AWESOME vintage suitcases! Great friend!

  4. Amy Jo, O, what a lucky girly you are. What a super friend you have too. I am so envious, as I look at those Victorias I don't have some of those covers, and I have a lot. You will get so much enjoyment from them. I re-read them ALL the time. Suitcases are really nice and look in very good shape. Love the doorstop. Looks like the real thing. I have a few but all are repos..You did really good and thanks for stopping by for a visit..Happy Monday..Judy

  5. I love the suitcases and ohhhhh a whole collection of Victoria, yep you will be busy reading, we won't expect any blog posts for awhile!!


  6. I love your little vintage doorstop! The colors are just perfect!

  7. Hi Amy Jo, what a sweet friend. The suitcases are wonderful and Victoria is one of my favorite magazines. I would be curled up on the love seat oohing and ahhing over them. My subscription recently ran out and I am going to renew it. Have fun reading. Love the basket. So vintage looking and great colors!

  8. I love the bookend, doorstop! That really is a good find. You have a great friend to give you such fun collections. Enjoy!


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