Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Little Extra Sunshine for Sunny Skies

Little Suzy Homemaker surprised me with the sunshine award! Thank you so much Suzy! With the award you have to answer 10 questions about yourself and then pass it to 5 other bloggers.... So here goes.

  1. Favorite color: My favorite color is Pink. Pink is a very happy, sweet color. It always reminds me of Easter. I also like green and yellow a lot. But truthfully I think there isn't to many colors that I don't like.
  2. Favorite Number: I have never put much thought into this, but I'm gonna go with 7 since that is the perfect number in the Bible.
  3. Favorite Animal: I will have to go with a dog.... out of all of the animals I think they are the most loyal and loving.
  4. Non-Alcoholic Drink: Well my number one choice for a drink is water... I know boring right? But, if I am out and going to get something other than water, I'll have a Root Beer Please.
  5. Facebook or Twitter: I have neither but, I would have to say Facebook.
  6. What is my Passion? Well, other than my family... I would say antiquing. I love going out to look for a treasure and then actually finding one. It's  a sickness really.LOL
  7. Receiving or Giving: Giving. I love to give. Especially when I know their is a need.. It is so fun.
  8. Favorite Pattern: Florals. I love, love, love them.
  9. Favorite day of the week: Well Probably Saturday. It is the day I can  let things go a bit. My husband usually takes us to do something. It is always a nice break from the day to day routine.
  10. Flower:  ROSES!!! I love roses.... I also love old paintings of Mums. Although I have never had any real ones.
I will share the award in a later post.... as I am running out of time today! So I will leave you with this...

The history of humanity is not the history of its wars, but the history of its households.--John Ruskin, 1819-1900

Amy Jo


  1. What a fun post! I love the old vintage artwork! Have a lovely week ahead ~

  2. Thank you Emily! I hope your week is blessed..

  3. You sure deserve this Sunshine Award. You are such an upbeat and encouraging gal! I love the answers you gave! Fun to learn more about you. The image here is so sweet. I love this kind of artwork. Have a blessed week!


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