Friday, May 4, 2012

Fabulously Feminine Friday

I haven't done a feminine Friday in a long time.... I get lazy with all of the picture taking...Levi took most of these pics. I wanted my whole body in this so you could see the shoes, but he's nine...after several attempts I take what I can get. This is the dress I bought at the Fancy Flea. It is a Paris Rags Creation. The pearl necklace is a thrift store find.
I got this blouse and skirt off of ebay.... The belt I bought for 10.00 at Styles for Less.
Now I asked my husband if this made me look pregnant, he said no...But I am not so sure. I still love this blouse though. Pregnant looking or not. I got it at Sears. The denim skirt is GAP, from ebay.
The necklace I got for $1.00 at Renninger flea market in Mt. Dora. It is the exact color of the blouse.
This is the same skirt. (I promise, I washed it.) That is the great thing about denim, most people won't notice that you have on the same bottom. The blouse is from Dress Barn. I am really in love with the bat wing type shirts. They are really cool and comfortable.  So that is it! This is what I wore this week. I hope you have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!

Amy Jo


  1. Great! I'm glad you are doing Feminine Fridays again. It does get a bit tiring remembering to take pictures, doesn't it. Thankfully my daughter is always happy to take mine for me. You look beautiful! I think the pink lacy top is very pretty.

  2. You look gorgeous! It's wonderful to see the way you enjoy looking like a lady, and also be fashionable and frugal!

    God Bless!

  3. What a great idea for a post! I am too shy to put pictures of myself on my blog. But you look so lovely! And I agree with your husband, you do not look pregnant, just pretty!
    Blessings to you,

  4. Hi Amy Jo: You were quite stylin' this week. I love denim too, trouble is most of mine is in the form of jeans. You have made some really pretty finds at your thrift shops. You look gorgeous in all..Happy Friday..Judy

  5. Thank you so much! Your comments are so sweet..

    Amy Jo

  6. Great outfits--I don't think you look pregnant in that blouse. You look pretty!

  7. I'm a huge fan of eBay and buy most of my skirts from there. Some are brand new with tags for the fraction of the original price. I struggle to find long skirts in the stores. Your outfits are lovely and very feminine.


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