Friday, September 9, 2016

Settling In

We are starting to settle into our new home. It has not been a bad adjustment. My husband has worked so hard!! He really did a great job!! He laid the wood floors. They are Cali Bamboo. This is the cottage  living room. 

We didn't buy any new furniture. We were out of funds by the end of the project. So we had to use what we already had. It's quite comfortable. We love spending time in here. 
 The master bedroom is a lot smaller than our last bedroom. We were really worried about it being to small but everything fit. It's just a little cozier. 
The chair I recovered still squeezed into the room.

The guest room is slowly coming along. I'm absolutely loving it! The bed is an old iron bed from the 1800's. I used Shabby Chic bedding and and old handmade quilt.
Pillows made from vintage chenille finish it off. My little lambie pie loves her new room. I will share more soon. 

Have a Blessed Day 


  1. So glad to hear from you with this post. I wondered if I had missed some posts.

    Your new cottage looks great and looking forward to seeing more of the great job of decorating.

    I think of you when I wear my neckless that I won from you.

    Have a great weekend and so glad to read your post.


  2. You are blessed with a beautiful home, that you are making yours with your lovely touches. Stunning.


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