Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day and My Birthday

This week flew by I had my niece and nephew one day. We went to the park. It was some kind of hot!

Relaxing in the shade.

After worship services on Father's Day we went for a Sunday drive and stopped at the park again. This is Savanah and her boyfriend Kevin.

My daughter and son with their Daddy.

One more shot :)

Monday was my birthday and my wonderful husband had these beautiful flowers delivered to our front door. And he surprised me with reservations to my favorite Japanese steakhouse.

The flowers are very summery. With lots of pink.

I don't know how long they will last in this heat. I hope at least a week. We are getting a lot of rain here in Florida. It makes for very muggy days when the sun does come out...

Amy Jo


  1. What a wonderful time with your family and your flowers are gorgeous! Happy (late) Birthday to you :) Enjoy your week.


  2. Amy Jo, a belated Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for sharing your sweet pictures with us!

  3. Amy, Happy Birthday. Your kids are adorable! Oh yes, the heat has arrived! We were lucky it came so late this year!


  4. Happy birthday Amy Jo. Hope you had a good dinner and the flowers are beautiful, as is your family. Thanks for your visit to me..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. Amy Jo,
    I am so glad I came over to your blog...it is very pretty. you have beautiful taste :) I love the photos of your family ~ your children look so happy with their Dad! It is awesome 'meeting' new like-minded friends. Thank you for stopping by. Do come again, and I will try and stop by each time :) Blessings!


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