Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Recent Treasures

I haven't been doing a ton of treasure hunting lately.... The things in my booth have been selling quickly and I need to restock. I actually found these treasures several weeks ago.  I painted this white and put it in my booth.

I painted both of the trays and the scoop. They turned out very pretty. I filled the scoop with shells.

I found  a huge amount of beautiful shells at goodwill. I only bought half of them and I am sorry about that.

I love this magazine rack.... I painted it white and it is destined for Chantilly.

These Ice skates were at Good will and I think they will look good painted and maybe add a water slide Christmas time.

This is a keeper. I don't know where it is going but I love it!

This is already hanging at my parents cottage.... some finds you have to share with family :)

I found an ugly sign at goodwill and I painted over it and stenciled it. It is now in my booth. I have a lot more to show you all.
 I am in the middle of a very busy time in my family. My favorite Uncle is in ICU in a very bad condition. He is only 53 but he may not make it.... I would covet your prayers for him.... and the family.

Amy Jo


  1. I love the treasures you found! Prayers are being said for your uncle!

    Tricia in Chicago

  2. Amy Jo,

    Your finds are wonderful! You did good!

    I will say a prayer for your uncle.

  3. Love your fabulous treasures Amy Jo! Those cabinets bring a sweet penny for sure...and the SIGN!???? Tres Chic for sure! Love it's transformation!


  4. You found some great stuff and that's wonderful they are selling so well in your booth! I hope I can keep finding great treasures like you have to keep my booth stocked!


I love reading your comments......They mean so much to me!!!