Tuesday, October 3, 2017


September was a whirlwind... It started wonderfully with my daughter and son in law coming for a visit. We went to one of our favorite restaurants that I save going to only when she's home. It's a Cuban restaurant and they have the best! Food! 

She fixed my hair in a braid and then messy bun. I love braids but I'm terrible at braiding hair. 

Everything was going along until hurricane Irma decided to come for a visit. This is the day before the storm. We decided to go to a movie. We were the only ones in the whole auditorium. We saw Dunkirk it was interesting but strange. 

The next day the wind and the rains came down... this was our back yard as water started to rise. 

 Trees snapped and branches fell. 

There was a lot of flooding. This is normally an open field. It looked like a lake. 

This is the lake by our house. Overflowing.

Eventually closing roads. Some of which are still under water. 

There was no power for nine days and massive amounts of cleanup.

But we survived and the power was restored. Praise the good Lord!

Hubbys birthday was the very next day and so I baked him a cake. He requested strawberry cake. ( I didn't torture him with a pink cake) lol 

Lastly my sister and I had a shopping day and I found Fefe.... and life was beautiful and normal. And we were all glad when September ended. 

Amy Jo

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  1. I was thrilled to hear that you were safe and sound after the hurricane. There was such a lot of devastation my heart went out to you all. Love the braids.


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